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1. Visa Details

All tourists apart from Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals must obtain a visa clearance prior to travel to Bhutan.
Visa fee is one time charge of USD $40 which can be paid directly at the airport or through a travel agent.
You will have to submit a passport copy to your travel agent and along with it, the full tour amount.
Expected time for visa approval is 72 hours or more sometimes.
Once visa has been approved by the Immigration Department, your tour agency will forward a copy of visa confirmation document which you have to furnish it at the point of entry or airport. Visa will be stamped onto your passport
Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of journey


Both Foreign and Indian national can enter Bhutan by land through Phuentsholing which is border to Jaigoan, India.

* Exit India by visiting the Indian Immigration Office in Jaigoan
* Enter Bhutan by visiting the Bhutan Immigration Office in Phuentsholing (furnish the Visa approval document provided to you by tour agent)
* Get Visa stamped onto your passport

* Visit the Immigration Office in Phuentsholing and give Bio-Metric Thumb impression
* Photo will be taken at the Immigration Counter
* Get a route permit for 1 week (if your tour is longer than a week then we will take care of the duration)

2. What to Carry

* Travel Insurance from your country
* Medical Insurance from your country
* Personal medications & injections
* Warm clothing
* Warm Socks
* Walking Sticks
* Basic medical kit
* Raincoat during May, June, July
* Sunglasses
* Skincare ointments
* Photography equipments

3. From Where to Fly into Bhutan?

You can fly into Bhutan from the following international airports:
1. Bangkok - Paro - Bangkok
2. Singapore - Paro - Singapore
3. Delhi - Paro - Delhi
4. Baghdogra - Paro - Baghdogra
5. Dhaka - Paro - Dhaka
6. Kathmandu - Paro - Kathmandu

You can check the availability of flights to Bhutan through these airline portals listed below:

Druk Air

Bhutan Airlines

4. Few things to remember

* No photography inside temples & dzongs
* Smoking in public area is prohibited
* Dress code during visit to temples & dzongs
** Full sleeve shirt & formal dress for woman
** Formal dress for man
* Littering draws penalty from city corporation
* All incidents to be reported to your guide

5. Entering Bhutan by Road

* From Phuentsholing - You can fly till Bagdogra (near Siliguri - West Bengal) OR Take a train till these places: New Alipurduar (near Jaigoan), NJP (near Siliguri), Hasimara (near Jaigoan) and travel by land to Phuentsholing, Bhutan
* From Samdrupjonkhar - You can fly to Gauhati Airport in Assam and travel by land to Samdrupjonkhar
* From Gaylegphug - You can take a train till Bongaigoan, Assam and travel by land to Gaylegphug